Bangalore Winter Highlights | 2019

Work December 16, 2019

Welcome to the winter edition of our Mill Bangalore Highlights series. Each quarter we will share insights, highlights, news, celebrations and behind the scenes activity taking place in our Bangalore studio. Here is a glimpse of what the team have been working on lately:

Sky Q UHD | Directed by dom&nic at Outsider

Work: Crafting a photo realistic adult male, adult female and baby elephant to match references of African elephants, as well as creating variations of crowd shots.  

Challenge: Making 6 variations of textures with different dust masks in order to create subtle differences between the elephants.

Insight: Variations of ears and tusks and overall dirt pass in textures were added in order to emphasise the photo-real effect.

World Animal Protection ‘I do not understand the human race’

Directed by Anthony Dickenson at All Mighty Pictures

Work: Tracking, Animation, Lighting & Compositing.

Challenge: Ensuring that the dust pass looked organic was a technical challenge.

Insight: The initial scope was about making a very weak and skinny looking elephant, however this brief changed during the design process. We had to work on the underlying anatomy of the elephant to facilitate muscle simulation.

Tetley ‘Cat and Dog’ | Directed by dom&nic at Outsider

Work: Animating the lip sync of realistic cat and dog for Tetley’s latest spot.

Challenge: Since many artists have their own regional influence on the way they speak English, we approached the lip sync with a very realistic phonetics based approach, taking regional influences out of the equation.

Insight: As the stars of the ad are a cat and a dog, their lips don’t have the same level of articulation that a human mouth. We had to compensate for this by making the tongue more prominent in articulating the sounds.

The application of phonetics in a nutshell:

Each vowel sound has its own way of being articulated with regards to the lip widening or rounding and the jaw opening. Similarly, there are very precise lip and tongue positions when consonants are pronounced. Once we identify these sounds, they are mapped accordingly on the creature or object in question.

‘The Odd One Out’ won Best Animation 2019 at the Berlin Commercial Awards

The Mill Bangalore played a major role in this project, crafting environments, Animation and FX as well as Lighting & Compositing for the panther sequence.

Creative Workshops

As an initiative to rejuvenate artists and keep them connected to their creative side, The Bangalore studio has designated space and art materials for them to explore more traditional art forms such as watercolor, oil paint & clay modelling.

Credits from left to right:  Sudakshina Sridhara, Kalpesh Patel, Sudakshina Sridharan

Other Projects

As well as Sky Q UHD, World Animal Protection and Tetley, this last quarter The Mill Bangalore worked on Comcast, Huawei, Eve, Nike and Halifax projects, among others.