BBC Creative and The Mill’s VFX team bring sound to life in latest spot

Work October 16, 2020

The latest BBC Sounds trailer showcases the strength and power of radio and music. The weird and wonderful spot was created in collaboration with Director Sam Brown out of Rogue Films and features gravity-defying visuals from our VFX team in which viewers witness individuals become one with the sounds they hear through head-splitting movements, sound-wave trails, and levitation.

Our VFX artists were able to flex their creative prowess on this spot. Mill Creative Director, Wes states: “Sam Brown had an idea of what kind of effect he wanted for each character but the final look was a fairly open brief – something new and something cool, but most importantly, something that visualised how each character was affected by whatever they were listening to. We had a lot of creative freedom in developing the looks and settled on a general feel for nearly all of them fairly soon after the edit. It was then about how far to push things. Often we’d have to pull things back a bit from where we’d got to – constantly making new iterations and comparing them to what we’d had previously. The level of creative input the team were afforded by Sam and BBC Creative is what made it such a great project to be involved in.”

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