Beats’ newest campaign illuminates itself with Lil Baby and Ja Morant

The Mill teamed up with Production Company Love Song and Director ILLIMITEWORLD for Beats latest campaign 'Dark Mode', starring Lil Baby and Ja Morant; which premiered during the NBA playoffs.
News May 11, 2022

The new campaign centres around Lil Baby and Ja Morant’s friendship and mutual admiration, which ultimately inspired Lil Baby to write “Dark Mode” about the player. Morant’s relentless dedication to honing his skills in the dark leads to his work illuminating itself. The track focuses on the player ‘going into dark mode’, which has ultimately made Morant one of the best players to watch in the league.

”Illimiteworld is a champion of the 35mm resurgence, and this campaign was no different. Using a black and white film stock adds a tremendous amount of texture. It was a great high contrast aesthetic choice for the’ Welcome to the Dark’ promo. DOP, Michael Cambio Fernandez achieved so much in-camera, from using angular lighting, split screens and lens effects; It all helped to add complexity for us when integrating the digital footage and cleanup up across the 200 shots.” – Pete Hodsman, Head of 2D

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