Behind Honda’s chaotic new spot with Mill Executive Creative Director Mike ‘Chappers’ Chapman

Work November 14, 2022

We collaborated with Wieden + Kennedy and Director Fernando Livschitz to create an end to end campaign for the new Honda Civic. We started by building on Fernando’s distinctive visual style through his treatment and discussing the various techniques we could employ, using both practical and VFX to bring the mesmeric ideas to life. By using a combination of references, in camera tests and previz to plan out our approach for the shoot, this made sure even when creating the more intricate VFX shots that we kept the tangibly real feel of his previous work.

The shoot was carefully planned & executed across two days in Slovenia & Croatia with Division Film. We shot two units to capture all the elements required.

“We worked closely with OKAY STUDIO for the edit and Editor Jo Lewandowska used her technical skill and musicality to bring together all the elements. This was one of the most challenging parts of the process, where we bounced shots back and forth between The Mill and OKAY during the shoot – almost having to, complete sequences, to be able to change individual timings of small elements. We really needed to make sure the flow of the edit worked and the story of the serene travel of the Civic was clear.

We got as close as we could in the edit but the process of refinement and tweaks in timings of flow carried on throughout the post process, often with us having to finalise a shot to see if a certain idea worked or not. All this work even though at times might have felt wasteful, all helped us to push the ideas and finesse them. Sometimes it’s as important to know what doesn’t work in order to move a shot forward.

So for our VFX team, lead by Fergal Hendrick it was a long journey of exploration of ideas from Wieden’s, Fernando and ourselves, testing out different techniques from previz through the edit, till the final pixels were put to bed.  A proper creative endeavour!” – Mike ‘Chappers’ Chapman, Executive Creative Director

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