Behind The Moving Image | Prada’s Luna Rossa Ocean

Created for our viewers, take a look at how Mikros MPC created stunning environments and epic visual effects on Prada’s Luna Rossa Ocean global campaign featuring Jake Gyllenhaal.
News January 7, 2022

The spirit of adventure and the spectacular vastness of the ocean are a magnetic call for new discoveries in Johan Renck’s film. Set under the sails of the Luna Rossa yacht, a masterpiece of cutting-edge technology, Gyllenhaal is at one with his vessel, going further than anyone – including himself – had ever imagined possible. Buoyed by the technological prowess of the Luna Rossa, Gyllenhaal pushes beyond his limits to open new horizons at full speed, embodying the modern adventurer that combine physical and intellectual strength to master technology and push the boundaries of the possible.

The Mill/Mikros MPC provided epic visual effects to accompany the brand’s new muse and digitally recreated the ocean, the sky, the red moon, part of the boat and crafting the water projections on the camera lens… would you have guessed it?

The fragrance line mirrors the dynamic competition between the innovation of man and the power of his environment embodied by Luna Rossa. An ode to high performance through high innovation: fresh and invigorating fragrances to face any challenge and achieve the best.

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