Dazed | Behind the scenes of King Krule’s ‘Alone, Omen 3’ video, Directed by The Mill’s Jocelyn Anquetil

Press February 10, 2020

If King Krule’s 2017 album The OOZ was one of music’s most existential offerings, then Man Alive!, his forthcoming third full-length, takes a more uplifting turn. Central to that is “Alone, Omen 3”. The song and its accompanying music video mark a heartfelt turning point in the musician’s work, tackling themes of loneliness but through an enlivened lens. “I felt like I had gotten out of a dark place, and I was on a high,” King Krule’s Archy Marshall said in a statement accompanying the single. “I appreciated the depression… but I also liked how I felt better in the here and now.”

The “Alone, Omen 3” video is directed by close friend and filmmaker Jocelyn Anquetil, and it presents a visual translation of Krule’s turning point. Set on the shores of the grey, winter-soaked Thames River in south east London in early January, “Alone, Omen 3” is a keen reminder of the power of loved ones in the face of solitude. “From my interpretation, the song is a happy song – happy but heavy,” reflects Anquetil. “The visuals go with the audio, but I think it’s quite interpretable, and that’s why I like it.”

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