Biotech innovator, Tempus showcases the role of AI in healthcare with film by The Mill

Work March 2, 2022

The Mill worked directly with Chicago-based genetics research company, Tempus, to craft the brand’s inaugural Anthem Film. This was truly a beginning to end execution, with every element of production provided by The Mill, including collaboration on script-writing. Under the guidance of The Mill Director Donnie Bauer, we executed two live-action shoots, as well as utilizing the many talents across our Design and VFX teams to create this stylish look into the transformative work Tempus is doing.

Tempus has created an AI platform that aids in aggregating important genetic data that gives healthcare professionals better insights into disease and illness, ultimately leading to better diagnosis and patient health.

Director Donnie Bauer says, “This Anthem Film had to work pretty hard. We had a lot of information to convey in just 90 seconds and the subject matter can be quite technical. It was our goal to create a visual metaphor for the innovative work that Tempus is doing. We wanted to literally ‘look behind the curtain’ and see a visual representation of the technology and data that Tempus is generating. We were so happy to create this work for a client that is breaking new ground in the world of healthcare. And we got to show off the best of what The Mill can offer our brand clients, with this ‘all under one roof’ production.”

Head of Content, US, Darci Dunnagan adds that “It was an honor to work with local Chicago company Tempus on a project promoting the life saving work they’re doing to change the narrative on so many healthcare conversations. They welcomed us into their state-of the-art office space and labs to showcase the machinery that are the true stars of the show. While healthcare and lab work isn’t a common creative jaw dropper, the collaborative Tempus marketing team put their trust in The Mill’s Donnie Bauer to further the story by showcasing a woman taking a metaphorical journey of discovery through a beautiful design world full of light and promise. It was a fabulous project to be a part of.”

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