Bloomberg Technology | Aleissia Laidacker on Roblox and the metaverse

Thought August 19, 2021

This week our Global Director of Creative Technology Aleissia Laidacker sat down with Bloomberg Technology anchor and producer Emily Chang to talk about Roblox, the metaverse, and how brands can use the platform to create and design immersive experiences.

Aleissia also spoke to Campaign Magazine journalist Jessica Goodfellow on ‘A peek into the metaverse: How to prevent a virtual world from becoming a dystopian nightmare’. Check out the full article on Campaign.

“We have seen, over the last year, one of the areas where platforms like roblox has succeeded is bringing new experiences to kids and adults alike. during the pandemic they did one of the first virtual concerts in their virtual gaming platforms with little nonsex, where they had over 30 million viewers tune in to see this concert. and we are starting to see more and more brands start to adopt roblox and see it as an opportunity to view different types of experiences and events”
Aleissia Laidacker, Global Director of Creative Technology at The Mill

Watch Aleissia’s interview in full on our YouTube channel and stay tuned for more on the metaverse from our Experience team.