Bringing a splash of colour to Sony’s newest headphones campaign

We partnered with agency Anomaly Berlin, Tempomedia Productions and director David Wilson to provide VFX to Sony's campaign launch for their newest headphones 'Wh1000XM5'. With a small and dedicated team, we provided CG using Houdini and compositing in Nuke to create a VFX masterpiece.
News May 13, 2022

Sony wanted a campaign that felt vibrant and alive from the get go, using VFX to create the sensation of visualising artwork before putting brush to canvas. This campaign was all about taking a moment out of your hectic day to get in the zone and focus on creating an artwork.

We RnD’d liquid simulations to give the feeling of paint splashing from the protagonists hands as she waved them through the air. But, it quickly became apparent that this was too literal; so the creative approach pivoted to a more conceptual look, giving a more imaginative approach. The paint strokes became more abstract and graphical. We tested different types of paint strokes using various tools, from other brushes to palette knives and finger painting. These real-world paintings then informed our CG paint strokes, even using elements to add texture and the way the paintbrushes onto a canvas. This allowed us to exaggerate the saturation of colours and make the VFX stand out.

“This was a super fun spot to make. The shoot was in the middle of downtown Athens in an old building with a view of the Parthenon. With creatives, crew and clients from all over the world. Having shot some lovely plates, everyone stayed involved to deliver the final spot throughout the post process. ”
William Jeffers, VFX Supervisor

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