British Cinematographer | Women Behind The Camera celebrates industry talent at summer party

Community September 28, 2022

Over 200 supporters of Women Behind The Camera (WBTC), a platform showcasing the women working in the cameras, lighting and grip departments of the UK’s film and TV industry, came together for an evening of celebration earlier this month, sponsored by post-production facility The Mill. The WBTC Summer Party, held at The Mill’s stunning sky bar in Central London, was the ideal opportunity for guests to catch up with friends old and new, enjoy some drinks and, of course, champion women working in the industry.

Representatives from Panavision, Panalux, Cinelab and Mission Digital were among the attendees. “Thank you to the Women Behind The Camera team for hosting a wonderful event full of old friends and an evening to make many new ones,” said Panavision’s Victoria Harris. “It was an incredibly supportive and inclusive evening, and I can’t wait for the next one.”

Another attendee was Angus Hudson BSC. “Women Behind the Camera is a fabulously engaged and supportive group,” he noted. “The WBTC party was a wonderful opportunity to meet, talk and to put faces to the names and names to the faces, of so many people who make this special organisation what it is.”

Cinematographer Carmen Pellon agreed. “What I valued and appreciated the most was seeing so many women at the early stages of their careers ready to network and get experience on set,” she added. “Connecting these women with people from the industry can help address the gender bias and Women Behind The Camera created a safe space that we didn’t have before. It might just be seen as a networking event, but it might have changed the professional careers of many women already.”

Her optimism was shared by colourist Lucrezia Pollice. “I hope that one day we will not need to have events in which we celebrate diversity on set because sets will be mixed. However, until that day, we have to strive to hire a more diverse crew, and not just in terms of gender. This is just the beginning.”


Keep an eye on WBTC’s website to get involved in their upcoming events. You can get in touch with our colour team via our contact page.