Brothers & Sisters and The Mill combine to present Grenfell Athletic as the ‘Fabric of the Community’

Work June 29, 2021

We combined with Brothers & Sisters and BAFTA-winning director Georgi Banks-Davies to create the launch film for Grenfell Athletic’s new kit.

Grenfell Athletic is a community football team founded by West London resident Rupert Taylor following the 2017 Grenfell Tower tragedy, when fire engulfed a 23-storey tower block in North Kensington, West London, causing 72 deaths. The team was set up as a source of hope and solidarity for the Grenfell community, as well as to improve the mental well-being and physical health of its residents. Many of the squad’s players either lost loved ones or narrowly escaped the blaze.

The film precludes the launch of Grenfell Athletic’s latest kit, which has been exclusively designed by Nike and will be available to purchase on Kitlocker from the 4th of July. The proceeds from shirt sales will go towards helping Grenfell Athletic’s development as a football club, and the incredible work they are doing for the young men and their families on the Lancaster West Estate, another housing project in the shadow of Grenfell Tower.

Our team led the VFX on the film which was also worked on by post-production companies Electric Theatre Collective and Freefolk.

“The creative heart of the project was to show how the football club is not only woven into the fabric of the community but that it embraces and helps protect it too.

The main challenge was to realistically create all the different types of thread and fabric and integrate them seamlessly into each scene.  There were a whole host of different techniques used from rolling real fabric downstairs to creating intricately weaved patterns fully in CGI.”
Mill Executive Creative Director, Chappers

You can learn more about Grenfell Athletic via their Instagram page. You can also pre-order their new kit here.