Building the ultimate robot with YouTube Kids

The platform's latest spot highlights how tutorials can spark creativity for anyone at any age
Work December 8, 2021

We collaborated with Director Max Malkin of Prettybird and The Many to help bring to life the charming and wide-eyed robot in YouTube Kids latest spot, ‘Shiny Robot’. In the minute-long film, a creative kid builds the bot of his dreams with the help of tutorials available through the YouTube Kids platform.

To bring the character to fruition, our VFX team was tasked with building and animating the robot’s CGI arms and hands. 2D Lead Artist, Adam Lambert comments, “To create some of the robot’s movements, we studied footage of real-life robots playing basketball to get reference on how they would move. At the animation stage, our artists worked to animate the arms reacting naturally to the characters around him to tell a simple yet fun story.”

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