Bungie and Mill+ team up again on the Incredible Trailer for Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Experience our collaboration with video game studio Bungie to introduce their newest expansion of Destiny 2!
Work May 30, 2023

Mill+ | Bungie and Mill+ team up again on the incredible teaser trailer for Destiny 2: The Final Shape. Continuing our ongoing collaboration with Bungie on their award-winning IP Destiny 2, our Mill+, VFX and Colour teams delivered a thrilling and vivid film for this cinematic trailer of the world-renowned game.

Mill+ Director, Ilya Abulkhanov, brings his distinct graphically cinematic flare to each shot — crafting  striking and memorable visuals from the first frame to the last. The result? An emotionally charged and visually-stunning trailer fit that is sure to enthrall both devoted fans and casual players alike.

“After having read the initial brief, the intent was to have our protagonists hang out by the campfire, transfixed in thought while reminiscing and reflecting on past battles, wishes and what-ifs. The hope was to create an intimate and calming environment, while simultaneously throwing the audience elsewhere into the midst of dire combat through flashback-like memories. Our goal was to both gradually prolong the world about to be revealed while also teasing out Cayde, in his epic 'return'. I loved the idea of Ikora and Cayde set against the landscape of a whole new frontier waiting to be explored.”
-Ilya Abulkhanov, Director
“It was a huge honor to partner with Bungie for the reveal of the final chapter in their Light & Darkness Saga. Not only are we kicking off the culmination of 10 years of Destiny lore but we got to show the return of a beloved character, Cayde, in an emotional moment for Destiny fans worldwide.
It was an awesome opportunity to showcase The Mill’s digital human character animation in a grounded, intimate setting. Combining techniques built upon years of creating lifelike characters, motion capture, and hand-keyed animation, we brought Ikora, an important character in the Destiny universe, to life.
From concept to execution, we collaborated with Bungie on the world-building of the environment beyond the Veil. Our art directors, matte painter, and CG environment artists worked closely with the Bungie cinematics team to realize a new land in the Destiny universe.
-Nate Shaw, VFX Supervisor

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Agency: Bungie
Producer: Le Neely
Production: The Mill
Global Executive Producer: Elizabeth Newman
Executive Producers: Moira Mahoney
Senior Producer: Kayli Ennis
Live Action Producer: Stephanie Werrell-Smyth
Associate Producer: Abby Siegel
Production Manager: Tarun Misra
Production Coordinators: Isaias Yetemegn, Lachie Wappet, Manish Kumar Tripathi, Alex Linhardt, Rachel Dorrothy
Creative Development & VFX: The Mill
Director: Ilya Abulkhanov
Director of Photography: Mike Reyes
VFX Supervisor: Nate Shaw
Art Director: Sidney Tan
2D Lead Artist: Kevin Jones
Animation Lead: Matt Connolly
Project Lead (Bangalore): Hari Prasad Anumula
Rigging Lead: Peter Christensen
Character / Creature Supervisor: Kris Costa
FX Lead: Sparsh Kumar
DFX Lead: Dipansu Halder
Lighting Lead: Brendon Echsner
Concept Artist: Roger Hom
Storyboard Artist: Sidney Tan
2D Artists: Kai Chun Tsai, Andrew Roberts, Dylan Streiff, P V Gopi, Srinivas A
Asset Lead: Vikas Soni
Asset Artists: Kris Costa, Dustin Leon, John Pozo, Corinne DeOrsay, Tom Hearne, Melanie Okamura, Raul Brossy, Nikko Larson, Kailash Pol, Patwant Singh, Manukuru Manikanteswara, Madhusudan Patel, Shobith Nair, Tushar Sethi, Shaik Kaleem, Suraj Hariharan, Jayan Munusamy, Deen Dayanandh, Piyush Sharma, Tom George, Ritika Das, Tarun Nishad, Sandip Dhole, Utkarsha Singh, Debdutta Gayen, Samir Solomon, Nishika Bansal, Harsh Chaturvedi
Animators: Gustavo Gonzalez, Tommy Taylor, Sebastian Nino, Katie Yancey, Sriker Balakrishnan, Niesh Mohan Wadekar, Badireddy Sri Charan
Rigging Artists: Peter Christensen, Daishi Takishima
FX Artists: Josh Harrison, Jason Mortimer, Joon Ho Bang, Ken Jones, Yang Wu, Akshay Asarkar, Rohit Kumar, Manik Suvedi, Madivadanatamilparidy
Lighters: Cinzia Pegorin, Tom Hearne, Jay Antonio, Ryan Harper, Aman Jaiswal, Mohit Swaroop Hembram
Matte Painters: Brandon Kachel
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Paul Yacono
Colour Executive Producer: Krista Staudt
Colour Producer: Denise Brown
Colour Assist: Gemma Parr, Alexandra Makarenko, Jacob Suffern
Editorial: The Mill
Editors: Joe Mackedanz
Edit Assist: Yiqing Yu