Cannes Lions Vault | Mill VP, Global Production Misha Stanford-Harris revisits Chemical Brothers Gold Cannes Lions winning promo

With the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity returning in less then a weeks time, we're revisiting some of our most iconic gold award winning projects. First up we have Chemical Brothers 'Wide Open', we spoke to Mill VP of Global Production Misha Stanford-Harris to discuss its cultural impact and what it was like being the Executive Producer on the project.
News June 17, 2022

What it was like working on the project?

It was an amazing experience, challenging but incredibly rewarding. Our small team made the impossible, possible. I really loved working with the directors Dom & Nic as well as John Madsen.

It was an iconic piece of work. Music video bordering on fine art. Sonoya (the dancer) was amazing. Her performance and that of the choreographer, Wayne McGregor, were the foundations of the whole project

What sort of techniques did you implement on the project and how they have evolved in the years since?

A single take lasting 4 minutes with a handheld camera, results in some of the most difficult animation/motion tracking that you can do. The human body is an amazing complex machine and the shape changes that result through muscles, ligaments and tendons contracting and expanding make motion tracking of limbs and torso all the more complex. Trying to join hollow CG limbs directly to a live action body, whilst removing that body was incredibly challenging. We not only created the CG figure but the clothing was also replaced in CG to allow for better connection and movement. Many of the techniques we created for this project have held in good stead for projects since then.

How happy were you and the team to have picked up a gold Cannes lion award?

It is always gratifying for the craft in a project to be recognised. Whilst winning awards isn’t the primary objective, it felt pretty good!

Misha Stanford-Harris, VP Global Production

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