The Mill 2022 Yearbook | Celebrating the Extraordinary

Community December 27, 2022

Dear Mill Creative Community,  

Congratulations to the completion of another successful year filled with inspiring challenges and triumphant milestones. This year, we saw the launch of some of our most creative works that push the potential of new and emerging technologies and place us and our partners to the forefront of culture by telling stories in a revolutionary, purposeful new way. 

As we traverse through the ever-changing landscape of the world, our dedication to exemplary craft remains constant and the core of who we are. When asked about the essence of The Mill, our leader sums it up best:

“...We create the extraordinary. Our creative ambition is huge, and the bar we set for ourselves is incredibly high. You can see in marquee moments like World Cups or Super Bowls, Holiday Season or CES. Agencies and brands come to us when they need their work to really work. When creativity is the deciding factor.  ”
-Josh Mandel, President

In our 2022 Yearbook, we celebrate just that: the creativity of The Mill, its people and the work we produce. We hope you enjoy this retrospect on a phenomenal year. Thank you to everyone in our community, our clients, our partners, our collaborators and our staff for an extraordinary year. Onward to 2023!  

-The Mill

Our 2022 Yearbook Superlatives: 

Most Likely to Stream on Repeat: Calvin Harris’ ‘Potion’ & ‘Stay With Me’

Most Fashionable: Vouge – Met Gala Experience

Most Likely to Become an Influencer: Violet/Jayleen Perez, Technical Artist

Most Likely to Succeed: The Mill Runners

Most Likely to Have Their Work Put in a Museum: The Mill Design Studio x AICP at the Museum of Modern Art

Most Likely to Go to the Olympics: The London Studio

Humblest Winner: Samsung ‘The Spider & the Window’

Best Bromance: The Mill and MPC Advertising Unite 

MVP: Our People