Celebrating two wins for AR mobile app ‘DracARys’ at the 2023 Webby Awards

News April 28, 2023

We were honoured at the 2023 Webby Awards for our recent collaboration with Factory Studios and HBO on the augmented reality mobile app ‘DracARys!

The app, powered by Niantic Lightship, coincided with the release of the first season of HBO’s ‘House of the Dragon’ and allowed users to step through a portal in Westeros to steal a dragon egg and raise their very own, unique dragon. The project was not only awarded Honouree for ‘Augmented Reality in Advertising, Media & PR’, but also received the People’s Voice Award for ‘Technical Achievement in the Metaverse, Immersive and Virtual’ category.

Congratulations to our collaborators and teams who brought this app to life!

Learn more about the project here.

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