Colour grading | An artistry of dedication and collaboration

Work April 12, 2021
“Colour is intrinsically linked with emotion. Throughout our lives, we are exposed to it naturally and through man-made compositions. Colour grading is an artistry of dedication and collaboration. Think of it as modern day painting for moving images. As Colourists at The Mill, we use the ever-evolving technologies and creative tools at our disposal to evoke a wide gamut of emotions from our audiences across a variety of motion genres.”
Oisin O'Driscoll, Head of Colour at The Mill

You can see more work from our Colourist here. Be sure to get in contact with our studios about Colour, Finishing and VFX.


Reel Credits

Edited by: Al Benoit, Editor at The Mill

Creative Direction: Oisin O’Driscoll, Head of Colour at The Mill; Rochelle Brown, Executive Producer

Track: “The People” by Photay