Colour Grading | Mill Colourists working with full remote capabilities

News March 17, 2021

Grading has always been, and remains an integral part of the post-production process; crafting arresting, beautiful images and bringing stories to life through the language of colour. Our Colourists bring instinct, experience and nuance to our collaborator’s visions to create unforgettable work.


Across all studios The Mill’s Colourists continue to work with full remote capabilities from the safety of their homes. Each has their own bespoke set up which allows us to continue working with you on pre-existing campaigns or indeed new projects that you may embark on that require a world-class Colour option to really bring it to life.


A number of projects rely heavily on the creative flexibility that post-production offers. Our roots in Design, Animation and CGI, enable us to employ various approaches and explore alternative workflows if an in-camera solution is not currently an option for you. With the right adjustments in post, pre-existing campaigns can be revisited, repurposed and relaunched.


Our Colourist’s remote setups ensure they still have full artistic capabilities and we can continue to deliver the best Colour grading experience in the industry. We know how influential a grade can be within the storytelling process, and how important live feedback is during a grading session, which is why we’ve been working hard to offer our clients a series of options to view and feedback on work through live streaming, synchronized playback, file download and screen sharing, doing our best to re-create the in-suite creative process.


Our team of colour assistants and engineers are also on hand to provide remote support and assist in the delivery of your graded files, much in the same way you’d expect if your project was completed in one of our studios. The prep time may be slightly different but don’t worry, our production teams are on hand to advise and guide you through our process to ensure the quality of service you have come to expect from us is maintained.


If you’d like to ask us about remote colour grading, get in touch here. You can view our Colourist’s profiles here.