Behind The Scenes | Crafting a larger than life Cara Delevegne for G-STAR RAW’s ‘Hardcore Denim’

Work October 10, 2022

Top model, actress and singer Cara Delevingne is the face of the new G-Star RAW Hardcore Denim campaign. The campaign sees Cara and the other models move through an abstract world with surreal cities and disruptive perspectives. 

Working with frequent collaborator, director Felix Brady, and the creative team at the Family Amsterdam, The Mill were tasked with a deceptively simple creative idea for clothing brand G-Star. The creative brief was to fill city locations with giant models stalking the landscape, playing with the gravity of elements to make up our final compositions. The catch was the background imagery was all to be sourced from stock.

VFX Supervisor Tom Luff states, “Working with Felix, we helped source stock we thought would work most effectively. While he went away to start composing an edit, we started the process of hunting down every global location, extracting city geometry data, and carefully tracking every shot.

Once this was complete, we pre-vis’d scaled camera moves that would enable us to shoot motion-controlled plates in the studio, with the required forced perspective to match our giants into their backgrounds. Alongside this, we produced scaled schematics of the surrounding buildings. Which, once built, meant our giants could interact with their environment and we could capture real shadow interaction and reflections in camera.

Finally, everything was composited together with a smattering of CG to help refine interaction, including one CG city shot we never quite found the right piece of stock for.

Overall, a relatively complex piece of upfront planning, but a rewarding exercise in collaboration and a simple idea, executed well.”

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