Crafting a larger-than-life “fishball” with FanDuel

Work January 12, 2022

The Catch of a Lifetime is in the palm of your hands with FanDuel Sportsbook.

Collaborating with Wieden+Kennedy NY, director Henry Scholfield and production company RESET, we helped craft a larger-than-life CG fish-like football. In the spot we see a dream-like sequence which features a giant CG “fishball” that animates as it breaches the water which represents the ultimate “catch of a lifetime”.

“This was such an exciting job to be a part of! We all had really compressed timeline to get this into the world, and it really had to be a collaboration of everyone involved. It was always going to be tricky, filming a moving boat from a moving camera, on a moving platform, only to be hit with uncharacteristically awful LA weather!” shares Creative Director Corey Brown. “Everyone had to think on their feet and work the problems. Director Henry Scholfield was amazing, he had such a clear vision of where we needed to go, and his energy and sense of humor permeated from every frame, and kept the whole project pointed in the right direction.”

“Back in New York, the team worked tirelessly, even while we were on still set filming, a whole team of artists were finding new creative solutions. I don’t think I could have asked for a more perfect team for this project, especially under the leadership of 2D Lead Artist Molly Intersimone and 3D Lead Artist Emily Meger. They kept a tight ship (excuse the pun) and brought that same essential humor and lightheartedness throughout the job, while managing to pull off shots that we had thought impossible only days earlier. The result looks amazing, is a lot of fun, and is a testament to the incredible hard work it took to make the spot look so effortless.”

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