Crafting a masterpiece: The Mill’s Design Studio brings to life Ignasi Monreal’s portraits in Zara’s latest campaign

Work March 17, 2022

Life imitates art, the old saying goes.

Collaborating with agency Baron & Baron and multi-faceted artist Ignasi Monreal, The Mill’s Design Studio helped bring to life Ignasi’s portraits for Zara’s latest campaign. The final result is a bespoke animated film featured both digitally and in-store that showcase Ignasi’s work and Zara’s latest collection from their women’s Studio Collection.

Art Director Fionna Mariani shares: “To launch Zara’s newest campaign, Baron & Baron commissioned painter and artist Ignasi to create beautiful portraits of models reclining in a dreamlike setting. We had the pleasure of bringing those paintings to life.”

Head of Design NY and Creative Director, Mike Schaeffer adds that: “On day one our design team, lead by Fionna Mariani, wasted no time and immediately jumped into R&D, while Ignasi was quickly creating his initial sketches. In the end, we used a combination of traditional cel animation, projection mapping, and 2D animation to pull off the final look. We knew that we had succeeded when we watched down the animation and weren’t quite sure how all the elements were stitched together and it become so much more immersive. This is a project where the Design Team shines, as we built a unique production pipeline as we went and everyone on the team worked so well together.

I absolutely loved collaborating with Ignasi and Baron & Baron on this project for Zara. It was exciting to be able to dissect Ignasi’s digital paintings and he was more than happy to adjust based on our needs when we broke up the canvas into multiple layers of paint.

The animated approach for this campaign with Zara was born out of a necessary pivot from the original production plan, and that’s where the Mill Design Studio thrives: answering creative briefs within the guidelines of these realities.”

Stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at how this campaign came to fruition and more.

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