Crafting Samsung’s Short Film Shot on Galaxy Device

Acclaimed RSA Films Director Joe Wright blends music, dance and puppetry in a short fantasy folk tale shot entirely on Samsung Galaxy device.
News November 30, 2021

The Mill/MPC partnered with Samsung and Ridley Scott’s RSA Films to craft the wonderful weird 20-minute short ‘Princess & Peppernose’, a tale of magic and love told through cinematic storytelling. Filmed at the medieval Restormel Castle in Cornwall, one of the most remarkable castles in Britain, The Mill/MPC delivered the VFX and colour grade on this imaginative production that was shot during the lockdown.

“My only piece of advice for all fledgling filmmakers is that it’s the imagination that is important. Everything else should be at the service of the imagination. Imagination is key.
Joe Wright, Director, RSA

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes or read the full article in LBB here.

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