Crafting Walter the cat in his latest wintry adventure for Chevy Silverado

Walter the cat is back.
Work February 1, 2022

Following the introduction of Chevy’s famous Walter the cat last summer, the dog-like feline has made his much-anticipated return.

Continuing our collaboration with agency Commonwealth//McCann and production company O Positive, we lent our VFX chops in Walter’s wintry sequel.  From matte painting to create snowy landscapes, to 2D compositing and beauty work across all shots, and of course crafting the CG cat in various scenes, we worked alongside our collaborators and director Spencer Riviera to ensure Walter’s new adventures were as impressive as the original.

In the spot, we see Walter partaking in a plethora of outdoorsy activities that showcase his range of canine tendencies. Walter rides in a snowmobile with his owner, rescues a buried skier stuck in the snow, and even leads a pack of huskies on a dog sled.

“Chevy’s 'Walter in Winter' was a follow-up to last year’s popular 'Cat' commercial. Being a sequel, this time Walter needed to do even more complex 'dog-like' antics whilst being closer to the camera. This meant using a CGI digital double where needed. It was great fun capturing the whimsical actions of Walter as we tried to stay true to the hero’s acting in-camera. From keyframe animation to groom, lighting and FX, the entire CG team here at The Mill did a great job. People have asked which scenes were done digitally and that, for me, means that we did our job successfully.”
-Steve Parish, CG Lead

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