Creating a ‘Voyage To The Heart’ with La Mer & our Shanghai studio

Work March 6, 2023

To celebrate the 2023 lunar Chinese New Year, our Shanghai Studio worked directly with La Mer on the Voyage To The Heart campaign. Inspired by the traditional craft of Chinese embroidery, a rabbit follows a weaving landscape of mountains and seas; rejuvenating hope for new life.

The brief from La Mer client was clear from the beginning. Our in-house director Barry Greaves worked closely with La Mer and crafted the full story, concept design, animation style and look development as well as working closely with the music composer.

During the process we faced a few obstacles, such as the full team being in lock down for two months and the very heavy renders caused by the individual thread animation. But the team made it through to the final pleasing result.

Mill Director Barry Greaves states “So much effort went into creating this unique film, with a relatively uncommon approach to get the intended result. There were only 4 shots, yet each is so intricate and nuanced that every viewing reveals something new. It was a pleasure to work with La Mer, and they provided us with their full support for this Chinese New Year centerpiece.”


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