DAY ONE | The Future of Creative Technology

Meet the Makers at The Mill pioneering new technologies that are revolutionizing brand experiences in the virtual and physical worlds. 'The Future of Creative Technology' is a free virtual event, taking place on YouTube Live from March 22nd - 26th.
Community March 22, 2021

Today we’ll be exploring ‘10 Things I Love About XR’ with Mill Creative Director Sally Reynolds and chatting through creative tech trends in media and entertainment with The Mill’s Director of Creative Technology Aleissia Laidacker.



9am PDT, 11am CT, 12pm ET, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET *daylight savings observed

Meet Mill CEO Josh Mandel for a brief introduction to The Future of Creative Technology

From Augmented Reality filters to Social VR events, the world of mixed reality is fast surrounding us. This session will get you up to speed on the basics of alternate realities and how we’re using them to tell brand stories.

Speaker: Sally Reynolds (The Mill)


10am PDT, 12am CT, 1pmET, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET *daylight savings observed

With so many technology buzz words around, what does Creative Technology actually mean, and how is it applicable to you? Director of Creative Technology Aleissia Laidacker, dives into the current landscape of tech trends opening up new engagement opportunities, and experiences for audiences worldwide. From digital concerts and events, to gaming, fashion and sports.

Speaker: Aleissia Laidacker (The Mill)

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‘The Future of Creative Technology’ is taking place all week – you can view our full schedule of events here. Would you like to find out more about the terms we’re using? Check out our Glossary.


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