DAY THREE | The Future of Creative Technology

Meet the Makers at The Mill pioneering new technologies that are revolutionizing brand experiences in the virtual and physical worlds. 'The Future of Creative Technology' is a free virtual event, taking place on YouTube Live from March 22nd - 26th.
Community March 24, 2021

Today we’re joined by guests from Facebook and Epic Games to discuss future applications of real-time technology. Don’t forget to dial in for an exclusive live Q&A with digital avatar and streamer @itsVi0let who will be chatting with Mill Creative Director Jeffrey Dates about what it’s like being a virtual girl in an ever-expanding virtual world.



9am PDT, 11am CT, 12pm ET, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET *daylight savings observed

How are creators outside of the gaming world benefiting from gaming technology? Global Head of Emerging Technology at The Mill Boo Wong leads a panel of experts within the real-time field who talk about the benefits of interactivity and game-engine solutions across media and entertainment.

Speakers: Ben Lumsden (Epic Games), Dan Moller (Facebook), Kevin Young (The Mill), Boo Wong (The Mill)


10am PDT, 12am CT, 1pm ET, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET *daylight savings observed

Would you like to chat in real-time with a Virtual Avatar? Meet Violet, a virtual streamer who wants to bring the world a game channel experience like no other. She’s not an AI or sentient robot, she’s a digital persona – a real person disguised by a digital augmented reality avatar. Violet likes to think of herself as a ‘digital Banksy’, having chosen to protect her identity in a world that thrives off sharing personal details and information on social media.

Speakers: Jeffrey Dates (The Mill), Violet (Digital Avatar)

WATCH: Meet Violet: A Digital Girl Gamer, Powered by Gaming Technology


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