#DeadTrims – Halloween at The Mill’s London Studio 2019

Community November 4, 2019

In the run up to Halloween, The Mill London’s Windmill Street studio has been morphed into a morbid 50’s Barber Shop. Cleverly named ‘Dead Trims’, the installation sees their barber shop logo emblazoned across the entrance, an eerie window display featuring a dishevelled hostage-like figure, who appears to have had the haircut to end all haircuts, and a host of (sharp) floating instruments.

The installation encourages visitors to scan posters found around the building to open an AR portal on their phones, allowing users to maneuver through a derelict version of the ‘Dead Trims’ barber shop and interact with a skeleton seated on a barber’s chair. The AR portal was created by Eleanor Edwards from the Mill’s Creative Technology department using Facebook’s Spark AR Studio.

A revamped Reception area is complete with specimen bottles of bodily fluids, retro magazines, bespoke signage, a mint green hair-dryer unit, checkered flooring, spider webs and an unhealthy dose of stray hair. If you were hoping to escape the horror in the lifts then think again, they are also decked out with bloodied handprints and more gruesome barber shop decor.

In their loft space, unwilling ‘customers’ are greeted by hanging heads, loose limbs, retro posters, a barber chair, a plethora of bloodied male grooming utensils and even more checkered flooring.

Additional halloween activities include an internal pumpkin carving competition, male grooming appointments with ​Sharps Barbers​ and a hair raising halloween makeup artist on site.