Design Spotlight | Abby Siegel

We caught up with Production Coordinator at The Mill, Abby Siegel on her submission to the latest Design Weekender.
Community August 31, 2021

Talk us through your latest submission to the Design Weekender.

My friend’s dad gave me a piece of leftover wood I was going to use to mount something on, but I decided painting on it would be much more exciting. I started painting with no purpose or plan. I used to be very meticulous with how and what I would paint, but I enjoy the process much more when I aimlessly put paint on a canvas. It took me a couple months to complete. I would have an idea, paint it, stare at it, paint over it, and so on. I used a variety of mediums and methods: acrylic paint, markers, spray paint, and screen printed.

The four-panel piece is also painted on wood. This piece was a bit more thought out and required more precision with the checkers and lettering, but I winged it with the black and white swirls. I prefer painting on wood instead of canvas because of the texture. I sometimes find myself looking for scraps of wood on the side of the street now. If you’re reading this and happen to have any in the LA area, I will happily take it from you.

What’s your role at The Mill and what drew you to working in this field?

I am a production coordinator at the LA office. I studied media production at the University of Colorado Boulder and started my career in post-production right after I graduated. I have always had an interest in media and advertising. I’d like to think that stems from spending many days hanging over my dad’s shoulder while he worked at various ad agencies around LA. But I have always thrived working around and with creative people. That’s what drew me into The Mill. Even working from home in my childhood bedroom, and only having been working here for a little less than two months, I am confident that I will continue to work with like-minded, creative individuals at The Mill.

Tell us about something that’s inspiring you right now.

I am very inspired by artist Terry Urban. He paints large scale collages on wood. I love how effortless his pieces feel and the variety of techniques he uses. I tried to emulate his process of layering in my own paintings. I also have really been enjoying the work of Eser Gündüz. I especially love his art where he paints over Victorian style frames and paintings. Probably something I’d see in a museum and want to stare at for a while.

Abby Siegel, Production Coordinator

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