Design Spotlight | Akshay Tiwari

We caught up with Mill Designer Akshay Tiwari to discuss his submission to the latest Design Weekender and his next personal project.
Community September 1, 2021

Talk us through your latest submission to the Design Weekender.

These are a few forms from my explorations of procedural geometries. They do not have a visual common thread except for the fact that they are all exploring the core aspects of fractals – a seed form, self similarity and recursive transformations. In that sense, each sketch represents a system to generate similar forms. Few other forms made using one of the systems:

How does this submission relate to your usual style?

My style for sketching out these forms is to find new connections between the data that you can access while modeling them. It is like automatic drawing but with attributes that control the spatial relationships between forms. In Houdini there are endless ways to create rules that make these forms. But at the same time, it is easy to lose control and end up with something very noisy and random. I am exploring it to find the right balance where the rules can compose these forms within a set of layered proportions and details that evoke a sense of emergent complexity.

You have also been working on a personal project; a title sequence that pays homage to Marvel’s Moon Knight. Can you walk us through your creative process for this piece?

I always admire when a certain piece of media changes the way I think about something. Warren Ellis’ and Jeff Lemire’s ‘Moon Knight’ runs really changed the way I perceived the character and his world, which is why I decided to make it an homage to their comics. Artists Declan Shalvey and Greg Smallwood pushed the envelope in their own right. Suffice to say, the process of research for this piece was extremely rewarding. It was a challenge to combine the world building with a story about rebirth and I enjoyed every bit of the process. In the end, it became a vignette into the fractured and bizarre reality of Moon Knight. I will be sharing more about the production process once I release it in the coming weeks so watch out for that!

Tell us about something that’s inspiring you right now.

Currently I am looking into Runway ML for its new video editor and experimental tools that make different machine learning models more accessible. I am curious about how it can be used in CG beyond style transfers, possibly in the case of more generative visuals and even training different models.

Akshay Tiwari, Designer

You can check out more of Akshay’s work on his Instagram @9_to_phi

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