Design Spotlight | Mill Director FILFURY on his campaign art for The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust was founded in honour of Stephen Lawrence on the premise that inequality must be tackled in all its forms. This includes inequality of access, and of opportunity, wherever it occurs. The Trust is dedicated to transforming the life chances of young people and improving the world in which they live to enable them to develop and nurture their talent. We spoke to Mill Director FILFURY on the graphic he made for the Stephen Lawrence Trust earlier this year.
Thought July 1, 2020

What do you do at The Mill and where do you live in the world?

I’m a director at The Mill, originally in London now in LA. Currently living in the Hollywood Hills… feeling very different to my home town Brum these days.


How did you get involved with the Stephen Lawrence Campaign?

I was asked personally by his cousin, Mat Bickley (@afrosaxon). I worked under Mat a long time ago when I was just starting out as a graphic designer (at Nokia). He was an inspiring CD who really showed me the potential I had to push a career in design. We’ve stayed in touch and when he reached out to be involved I naturally jumped at the opportunity to lend my design eye to the campaign.

Have you worked with many charities in the past?

I’ve done a few bits and pieces (community stuff for Brum, BAFTA), I always want to help out where I can. It’s a nice break from advertising to flex some design thinking for good causes. I’m always open to helping, so if anyone is reading this – hit me up.


What was your creative inspiration behind the project?

Honesty and simplicity. My desire was to create a simple graphic mark that could be used on campaign material, apparel and so forth. TBH I struggled with this for bit… over-thinking it as I often do… then decided to just go back to my roots and create a stripped back graphic icon with typography. I wanted the design to be immediate, bold…


What software did you use to create the assets?

This was drawn by hand quickly as a sketch, then worked up in illustrator. TBH I work on much larger projects these days with a lot of team members so don’t get my hands as dirty as I would like in applications. So it’s nice opening a blank doc in illustrator and just making something.


If someone wanted to get to grips with trying something like this out themselves, where would you recommend they start?

It’s all about ideas… something I’ve learnt the hard way – I try not to focus on the look and style of my work until I have a solid reason for it. Without a good idea, style doesn’t have any power… So I’d focus on concept first then find ways to visualize it.


You can find out more about the Stephen Lawrence Campaign by visiting the Stephen Lawrence Trust website or Instagram @s_lawrencetrust.


Discover more of FILFURY’s work on his Instagram @FILFURY or on his Creator Profile.