Design Spotlight | One Year Later with Black Girl Film School

Black Girl Film School is a collection of media experts, filmmakers, screenwriters, cinematographers, producers, directors, teachers, instructional designers, and below the line crew – all with one common goal of increasing the number of Black women working in the industry above and below the line. The Mill teamed up with BGFS once again on a series of graphics for the school's online program. We spoke to Art Director Henry De Leon and Animator Anastasia Skrebneva on the project about how they revamped the BGFS branding and graphics one year later.
Work November 16, 2021

Each original character represents a different course in the BGFS program.

How did we elevate the graphics from last year? 

Anastasia: Last year Henry had designed splash screens for each course objective but we animated them all into one opening title sequence. This year we got to animate each title screen individually, giving us the opportunity to add life and personality into each character and screen. Along with that, we animated a few more designed elements for the course, bringing life to even more pieces of the class.

What new elements were folded into this graphics package?

Anastasia: As far as design goes, we mostly developed the language last year. So this year we got to play off of what we had already made and expand on it. I personally really enjoyed getting to animate each screen individually vs. planting them all into one quick sequence. It was a blast getting to creatively decide how each screen will animate based on the content of the course. Having space and time for adding in little details and giving the characters life and movement really elevated the graphics from last year.

What lead you in this new creative direction?

Henry: Jayda loved what we did last year and she entrusted us with the creative direction. With her full support and approval, we were able to really build out the Black Girl Film School brand.

Anastasia: Having the time to give each card the attention it deserves helped me really get into a creative flow and make each splash screen unique. It was a blast to create these animations.

What’s been your favourite part of this project so far?

Henry: Creating the icons for the different career paths for the young girls. Making those icons and being inclusive in their design gave me a chance to play and find something that works for the brand.

Anastasia: My personal favourite part of this whole experience has honestly been working with Jayda. Of course, getting to animate these elements, working alongside Henry and the team, and helping the school look as amazing as it possibly can, has been an absolute honor. But seeing Jayda on our calls, hearing about the girls’ accomplishments through the course, and just her overall joy and excitement with our work really propelled the creative drive for the team. I am very much looking forward to seeing where BGFS goes and grows.

You can find out more about Black Girl Film School on their website or Instagram @blackgirlfilmschool and get in contact with our Design Studio here. Discover more of our work at The Mill’s Design Studio.