Design Studio Art Director Tosh Fieldsend goes into the realm with Alex Banks on his newest single

News May 5, 2022

Art Director at The Mill, Tosh Fieldsend, recently collaborated with Alex Banks on his newest single, ‘Into the Realm’. Tosh embodied the concept of the ‘Projections’ album perfectly in this visual piece and created a fantastic accompaniment to the music.

”We talked about the track during a period of isolation, about missing people, playing live, connection. There was a cold and clinical emptiness to the world; life is hidden away. So I imagined this brutalist citadel, where unseen systems were spooling up. a kind of particle accelerator/projector, preparing to open a window back to a world with life, people, and music.” – Tosh Fieldsend, Art Director

See more of Tosh’s work via his Instagram page. You can get in touch with our colour team via our contact page. If you are interested in a career at The Mill visit here.