Design Weekender | August Edition

Whether it’s before, during or after a project - our artists are constantly exploring new techniques and ideas to inform the way we work. Take a look at our latest collection of creative explorations, passion projects, and experiments in technique and style from Mill Designers and Artists across the globe.
Work August 27, 2021

“The year is in full swing and everyone is busy on their various projects and shows, but as always, we’ve managed to squeeze in some time to play. We’re here with a smorgasbord of illustrations and experimental animations for you to enjoy. Welcome to The Mill’s Design Weekender.”

-Lisha Tan, Director



Abby Siegel

The Mill LA

Akshay Tiwari

The Mill NY

Collection of forms from my procedural sketchbook.

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Alex Hammond

The Mill London

I’ve recently been using a lot of Procreate on the iPad working on portraits like these ones.

Brian O’Donnell

The Mill NY

“Artifacts” is an imagined archive of iconography using fantasy to explore the LGBTQ experience.

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Henry Foreman

The Mill London

Something silly I made on the train. I’ve been stuck in my studio for a week with a fly that just won’t leave me alone, I feel a bit like Walter White! I happened to be listening to Analogue Bubblebath by Aphex Twin whilst making these so did a little type version too!

Kate Gabriel

The Mill London

Patrick Coleman

The Mill Chicago

Paul Bloomfield

The Mill London

Will MacNeil

The Mill London

These Vans aren’t real, at least not yet. I made these 3D shoes
to illustrate how generative, data-driven design systems can be used to to
create an endless multitude of custom shoes. This isn’t a configurator
where you choose a color and then choose a pattern and then choose sole
etc. These designs are the product of unique user input and external data
sources. Maybe it’s the weather from the day you did your first kick-flip.
Maybe it’s your step count and heart rate from the day you ran the
marathon. Or maybe it’s the most frequent colors from your Instagram
feed. Anything you put in can return cool, and meaningful, designs. Every
pair is unique and linked to its owner.

Yimeng Sun

The Mill Chicago