Destiny 2 launches its next thrilling chapter with the help of The Mill

Dive into our collaboration with game development studio Bungie to introduce, The Witch Queen, Destiny 2’s next expansion.
Work August 24, 2021

Continuing our collaboration with online game development studio Bungie on their award-winning IP Destiny 2, our creative production and VFX teams recently developed an explosive animated trailer to reveal the next expansion of the game.

Directed by The Mill’s Ilya Abulkhanov, the CGI film dives into the expansive Destiny 2 universe, teasing a looming threat for the game’s characters, as long-time villain Savathûn causes havoc throughout the solar system.

From ideation to execution, in partnership with the creative teams at Bungie, our Creative Production team helmed by Ilya immersed themselves in the Destiny 2 narrative in order to craft an epic trailer that is truly reflective of the game’s action-packed storyline.

Ilya and The Mill’s team of visual artists worked closely with Bungie to develop and refine the film’s characters and craft hauntingly rich environments, such as the mind-bending swamp landscape inspired by Southern Gothic aesthetics and the eerie lake atop Savathûn’s palace. Ilya comments: “Our broad intent was to make everything seem surreal, somewhat ‘alive’, beautiful and strange. In regards to the swamp environment itself, it was an attempt to depict something both claustrophobic and vast, ambiguously real and mystically unreal, all at the same time.”

From motion capture to the final stages of animation, our aim was to develop subtleties within each character, portray a deep range of emotions and amplify the tension throughout the trailer, culminating in the epic reveal of Savathûn herself.

Bungie’s next chapter of Destiny 2, The Witch Queen, launches on February 22, 2022. See something you like? Get in touch with our Creative Production team to find out more about how we can take your project to the next level. See our full list of credits here.


Client: Bungie
Creative Development & VFX
Creative Development & VFX: The Mill
Director: Ilya Abulkhanov
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Newman
Senior Producer: Moira Mahoney
Production Coordinator: Aubrey Bang-Guerin
Creative Development: Sidney Tan, Lee Nelson, Woosung Kang, Taehoon Park, Ilya Abulkhanov
VFX Supervisor: Chris Bedrosian
C4D Design & Animation Lead: Taehoon Park
Concept Designers: Gary Inloes, Sidney Tan
Asset Supervisor: Blake Sullivan
Modeling & Texturing: Dustin Leon, Omar Taher, Michael Kash, Abhi Thati, Freddy Parra, Lalida Karnjanasirirat, Eric Keller
Rigging: Aton Lee, Daishi Takishima, Alice Panek
Lighting Lead Artist: Ziming Liu
Lighting Supervisor: Chris Bayol
Lighting: Matthew Choy, Dustin Leon, Beat Reichenbach, Graeme Turnbull, Robert Chapman
Animation Lead: Jacob Bergman
Animation: Jeffrey Lee, Xavier Coton, Scott Fritts
FX Lead: Jason Mortimer
FX Artists: Hiroshi Tsubokawa, Ciaran Moloney, Pegah Naserifar, Nicholas Damico
Matte Painting Lead: Itai Muller
Matte Painters: Henrik Holmberg, Gary Inloes
2D Lead Artist: Becky Porter
2D Artists: Dylan Streiff, Abigail Riegel, Kai Chun Tsai, Jake Albers
Toolkit: Greg Park
Production: The Mill
Director: Ilya Abulkhanov
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Newman
Senior Producer: Moira Mahoney
Production Coordinator: Aubrey Bang-Guerin, Vinamra Ramniranjan Bhartia
Line Producer: Goutham Hampankatta, Oindrila Mitra
Mocap Live Action Producer: Danika Casas
Mocap Line Producer: Alicia Haldenwang
Delivery Producer: Kayli Ennis
Delivery Coordinator: James Panetta
CG Supervisor: Anthony Lgnatius Dsouza
Asset Supervisor: Dhanesh K S
Comp Supervisor: Rakesh Venugopalan
Lead Asset Artist: Kanishk Chouhan
Asset Artists: Asis Kumar Mahakhud, Siva Subramanian Murugesan, Sunil Manohar Mohapatra, Vijay Mohan, Shahid Hussain, Kartik Arora, Akshay Suresh Lanjewar, Vaishali Ghorap, Shashanka Sekhar Beshra, Kiran Sudhakar Prabhu, Sri Lahari Valmikam
Lighting Lead: Ravikumar Mallikarajuna Singapur
Lighting Artists: Girish G R
FX Artists: Sparsh Kumar
Lead Comp Artist: Renjith I R
Comp Artists: Chinimilli Badrinath , Aravind M, Dilipan J
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Paul Yacono
Colour Assists: Logan Highlen, Gemma Parr
Colour Producer: Denise Brown
Colour Production Coordinator: Lindsey Orlando
Editorial: The Mill
Editors: Victor Jory, Ilya Abulkhanov
Assistant Editor: Ryan Burbank