Direction, VFX, Creative Production & Colour on PlayStation’s Wolverine

Reflecting on our 2021 projects, none brought the claws out more than this trailer revealing Marvel's Wolverine on PlayStation 5. We were thrilled to collaborate w/ Insomniac Games and Marvel Games, and loved watching the reaction videos! 
News January 3, 2021


Vittorio Barbani – Lead 
Fiona Taylor – Lookdev / L&R
Jack Enever – Lookdev / L&R
Kristian Bonne – Lookdev / L&R
Nick Slade – Lookdev / L&R
Aurelien Geenen – Lookdev / L&R
Flavia Minnone – Lookdev/ L&R 
Emre Sumer – FX
Clementine Supiot – Animation
Mack Knights – Animation
Ken Music - Animation
Silvia Bartoli – Modeling
Amar Chundavadra – Rigging
Maximilian Mallmann – Rigging
Edward Taylor – 2D Lead
Matthieu Toullet – Colourist 

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