Director FILFURY collaborates with GO Athletics on powerful launch film and rebrand

We sat down with Director FILFURY about his passion project with GO Athletics and spoke with their founder, Rene, about the making of the inspirational brand relaunch.
Community May 6, 2021

The Mill Director FILFURY partnered with LA-based GO Athletics on a rebrand that stretched from designing a new logo, to photoshoots, product pack shots and executing the website build. The passion project culminated in a stirring launch film for their latest drop.

In the words of GO Athletics, “We believe having vision or a dream is one of the most important parts of this life we live. The GO movement was born from the need of support in the community and the hunger to help others achieve their goals. Grass rooted in the heart of Los Angeles since 2010, in a space where creativity and soul are born. The spirit of the brand lives in athletic culture, the struggles of the community, and the love of people.Join us to build the legacy that will shift the energy to the only thing that truly matters, The People.”

We caught up with FILFURY and Rene @ GO Athletics for more insights into the power of using creativity for good.



FILFURY, how did you meet the team behind GO?

Very randomly… but was obviously meant to be.


What was it about their ethos and energy that led to the collaboration?

TBH the moment I met Rene (the founder) I knew this was a higher calling… his energy was infectious. I run on full steam – but this guy was something else ha. He made me really question if I was doing enough with the skills that I have, and if was I using them to their full potential and for the right quest.

The GO team told me about their plans for the future, the goals for elevating their community and giving back. This isn’t a sports brand, it’s a whole movement. I encourage everyone to check these guys out and support in whatever way you can.

Rene is a very creative guy, lots of big ideas and incredible stories to tell…I knew I could visualize these messages and bring the brand to life.

What started as just me suggesting I update their logo, led to a full set of live action commercials, photoshoots, lookbook creation, apparel designs, website design and execution.


It’s a stirring piece of content, how did you approach the film?

With love and energy. Rene had written a powerful script, I simply wanted to breathe life into it, make it happen – efficiently and at the highest level of craft possible.

We didn’t have a budget, in fact we had absolutely zero money. We shot real people at a real location, I added my touch on art direction, textures, composition, framing and threaded the visual narrative together.


What were the highlights of this project?

Highlights of the project for me were seeing what could be achieved when the right people come together. I’m grateful to everyone who pitched in to help, it’s amazing what can be accomplished when people passionately collaborate.

What was rewarding about the project was just how simple we kept things. Just myself, and DOP (Cliff) on the day… that’s it, no frills :). Then leaning on the talented editing skills from Jack Pyland and amazing color grade from Matt Osborne. Keeping things simple and still reaching that production level I command from my work.

However the main highlight has to be the message. GO are actively making a difference in their community. This is about empowerment and giving back to the people. Those who know me know I only rock certain sportswear brands… well that’s changing… Let’s GO.

Rene @ GO Athletics, how did the collaboration with FILFURY work, who bought what elements to the table?

Collaboration with “my guy” FIL was amazing. Really natural and authentic. Everything felt organic as if we had chemistry since childhood. FIL brought the direction, ideas and structure to the vision and ideas I had shared with him. My filmmaker Cliff William brought his sight, along with his exceptional camera ability and equipment. I brought the vision, with a script and idea layout.


Tell us some more about GO?

GO Athletics is a movement that understands having vision or a dream is one of the most important parts of this life we live. The GO movement was born from the need of support in the community coupled with the hunger of the people to achieve more than their environment. Seeded in the heart of Los Angeles since the early 2000’s. The spirit of the brand lives in athletic culture, the struggles of the community, and the love of people. GO Athletics is the people.


Who features in the powerful film, are they the GO team members?

A small piece of the GO Athletics tribe.


What’s next for GO?

Our next move is to continually shine our light brighter than the sun, as often as possible so that others may witness greatness .

Learn more about GO Athletics on their website here. Check out more of FILFURY’s work on his Creator Profile.