Director Spotlight | Mill Director Gundeep Anand

Gundeep is a passionate and inspirational Docu-Style Director & Photographer. He has a natural talent for capturing the truth in-camera and creating thought-provoking moments. His work is influenced by his background as an ex-youth worker, coaching in communities, Council estates and schools. His life changed when his passion for promoting social change for good and filmmaking collided, leading him to establish The Last Stand. Through the power of football, music and fashion, he has created a platform that allows communities to come together and has changed the lives of the people involved.
Thought August 4, 2020

Above: The Last Stand ‘The Journey Trailer’

Tell us about your career so far, how did you become a director? 

It’s been a unique journey, from trainee Civil Engineer to PE teacher to working in ad agencies and then finally getting the break to direct my first big piece for Coca-Cola. I think each job I did helped me become better for the next phase of my career – so never knock the job you are currently in, as it will help you get to the next level.


What are you most looking forward to in working with The Mill?

Working with the talented team. The whole ecosystem of The Mill is great, you are only one call away from making anything happen here. Also, the way the future of content is moving, I think companies like The Mill are perfectly placed and I wanna be with companies who are forward thinking.


Talk us through the most career defining moment you’ve had

The day I realised I don’t need to copy anyone and just be myself. I think from that day, everything changed and obviously The Last Stand has opened me up to a new world I didn’t know existed and gave me a new purpose in life.


Below: Coca-Cola ‘Park Lives Richard’

Where did the idea for ‘The Last Stand’ come from? How did reality compare with your hopes and expectations for the project and what’s next for the initiative?

I just wanted to show kids anything that comes to your mind can become true. Instead of talking, I wanted to show it. To be honest, The Last Stand has exceeded my expectations.  I only wanted to do one event and we ended up doing loads more, including a larger-scale nationwide event. We were getting ready to take over one of the most iconic places in the city with the Mayor Of London as part of the Euro 2020 campaign but that was postponed due to Covid-19. I think it just goes to show if you want to do something and have the right intentions, people will help and support you.

How important is it that brands become involved in community projects, and what is essential to getting these types of partnerships right?

It all depends on the ethos. If you and the brand believe in the same mission then it’s a perfect match. I believe people make the brands, so it’s important to collaborate with the right people instead of the right brand.

Who or what would your dream collaboration be with?

My dream is to work with Netflix as they put creators first and that’s something so important to me. A lot of times people underestimate the impact a good story can have. Some things can’t be measured instantly and need time. I believe Nextflix understands that, hence why they are winning.


What piece of career advice would you give to your younger self?

Apologise later.


View more of Gundeep’s work on his Creator profile or head over to @gundeepx and @_thelaststand_ on Instagram. 

Below: The Last Stand ‘A Journey : Full Film’