Discovering the many sides of Bretman Rock with EA’s Sims

What happens when you combine an iconic game like the Sims with an iconic personality like Bretman Rock?
Work December 17, 2021

Executive Creative Director Chris “Badger” Knight and Hungry Man director Elizabeth Orne teamed up to bring to life multiple Sims versions of internet sensation Bretman Rock, who played several roles in each scene. With post-production led by 2D Flame Lead Steve Cokonis and support from Marisa Chin and our Bangalore studio, the team was tasked with assembling various split screens and incorporating game footage in the final spots. The two spots were topped off with a grade by Paul Yacono.

In the spots we see Bretman bringing his signature humor and flair. The beauty influencer depicts multiple eccentric Sims personalities – an Urban Cowboy, Sassy Dad, Cheery Astronaut, and a Teenage Goth.

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