Donald Glover teases the final season of ‘Atlanta’ in surreal trailer

Work July 27, 2022

Donald Glover’s critically acclaimed television series Atlanta is making its highly-anticipated return. The fourth and final season teaser trailer was released this week, announcing the award-winning show’s comeback this September.

Collaborating with director Paul Tolton and FX, our team of specialists provided VFX to the surreal spot including a red and white striped alligator crawling up the side of a liquor store wall, a baby ostrich being hatched, and more.

Donald Glover, Zazie Beetz, Lakeith Stanfield and Brian Tyree Henry all appear in the teaser as their respective characters and return to the place where it all began.

“The Atlanta final season promo is set where it all started - the opening scene of the first episode, outside a liquor store. We returned to that location and post retro-fitted it to appear like it did 6 years ago. Production schedules were a benefit for visual effects as we shot the talent on a greenscreen stage with a view to recreate the scene as it was in the show. The original boards featured characters and events from the show that were surreal from the start including a fast-growing ostrich, regrowing peach trees and a wall-climbing alligator. These elements were heightened and added to in post, with Easter Eggs and a Dali-esque melting of the background to create a bizarre dream-like world. Time-ramps on the main characters completed the feel of the show, described early on by its’ creator Donal Glover as 'Twin Peaks with rappers'.”
-Rob Hodgson, Creative Director

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