Enhancing the look & feel of products & packs in CG

Throughout the years The Mill has worked with a multitude of consumer goods brands from Nike and Rolls Royce to Doritos and Starbucks. A common occurrence when working with these types of brands is the creation of CG products and packaging. These allow businesses to give a digitalised representation of their stock. Whether it is a product that doesn't physically exist or one that needs a slight label change, our collection of visual artists can curate and enhance the look and feel of each item. We caught up with Mill Executive Creative Director, Mike ‘Chappers’ Chapman to discuss the process involved in creating these incredible products.
Work September 27, 2021

What’s the process of creating a product in CG?

Usually, the type of product dictates the approach we take, sometimes we receive a 3D model from the client, we then work up to look photoreal (if that’s the goal), other times we have a real product as a reference and build it from scratch in CG or we build it based on supplied plans and artwork.  The more accurate the information we get, the better the product will look.

How often do we recreate a product as opposed to shooting it?

​It’s a pretty common occurrence, it could be that the product doesn’t exist yet, like in the case of a new car that has been designed but not built.  Other scenarios see us filming a hero product then adapting it for the different markets the advert will be shown in, this could be as simple as changing a label to changing the look of a whole product.

What’s the most bizarre product we’ve created in CG?

Probably having one car giving birth to another, that was pretty out there, but there are loads of weird and wonderful ideas, that’s one of the beauties of using CG you can pretty much do anything you want with your product.

Is there a limit to what can be recreated?

Your imagination. Really there are very few limits as to what can be created. The only thing that springs to mind is if we are imposing the products into existing footage, there may be some limiting factors associated with that. There is also the classic time and budget question but by making sure we are having these conversations ahead of time we can guide things for the best possible result.

Have you seen a shift in deliveries for pack work moving to mobile format as brands look to advertise on the likes of Instagram?

Yes, but for us, the approach is very similar to producing imagery for a TV advert, one of the first questions we have is, what is the delivery format we will be working to? We then we cut our cloth accordingly. We also offer a bespoke social cut down package through our online team that we roll out on most jobs we do these days.

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