Entering the world of cryptocurrency with Matt Damon and Crypto.com

Work November 9, 2021

The Mill partnered with agency Pereira O’Dell for cryptocurrency platform Crypto.com’s latest spot. Directed by Academy Award winner Wally Pfister, the spot stars Oscar winner Matt Damon who serves as an ambassador for the cryptocurrency platform. The Mill’s VFX team crafted virtual renderings of Magellan, an Edmund Hillary-like figure scaling a snowy mountain, a rendition of an aviation pioneer, and a group of astronauts. As Damon Walks through an empty white hall, these images appear around him as examples of perseverance and bravery.

This campaign coincides with the early stages of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. The campaign, starring Hollywood star and Oscar winner Matt Damon, pays homage to those who got us to this point and is an invitation to those who will soon join the journey toward financial independence and self-determination. 

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