EPICA Awards | Bronze for for “The Invisible Opponent”

The Epica Awards, a creative prize judged by an objective jury of journalists and critics, this year awarded The Mill/MPC bronze in Post Production & Visual Effects for our work with CALM on 'The Invisible Opponent'
Uncategorized December 18, 2021

The campaign, focusing on raising awareness of mental health, used real footage of Tyson Fury’s fight against Deontay Wilder in December 2018, with his opponent being digitally removed by MPC. In the spot you can see the fighter moving around the ring, throwing and evading punches as his skin ripples with the impact of jabs. The sequence sees two big blows knock Wilder to the floor, as the referee starts to count. Summoning extra strength from somewhere, Fury lifts himself from the canvas and stands ready to fight again. CALM’s powerful message is that “Sometimes the toughest opponents are the ones you can’t see,” which appears before the words “Don’t fight it alone” and the helpline.

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