Executive Producer, Matthew Loranger, provides you with exclusive insights into the NASCAR “75 Anniversary” project

Community August 3, 2023

What was the most exciting part of working on this spot?

For me, as an EP the most exciting part was figuring it out. To achieve the client’s vision for the spot we needed to fabricate multiple locations, eras and vehicles and balance that with the realities of live action production.


What were the biggest technical challenges while working on this?

I think it was the creation of the different environments and conceiving what those would be and also tying all the shots together into a cohesive narrative where each shot flowed and progressed into each other finally arriving at the present day.


What was the creative process like for your department?  

It was wonderful to watch the creative partnership and connectivity between Chris (Bernier) and Mark (the Director). Often times we merely execute and I enjoy the opportunities where Director and the Mill can both contribute.


What’s been your career trajectory in VFX, have you worked on a lot of automotive projects before? How was this different?  

Not to get caught up in semantics but I wouldn’t categorize this as an automotive spot. For me it is a historical action film with race cars as main talent. For me car spots tend to be feature based and speak to horsepower and leather seats. This spot was a brand spot for NASCAR and beautifully captured the feeling and fanaticism that racing fans feel, and what makes NASCAR such a huge sport.

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