Extraordinary Entertainment | Creative Director Donnie Bauer shares his sinister “Shrieks in the Night” mix

Creative Director Donnie Bauer - who DJs under the alias 'Genghis Don' - brewed the perfect Halloween mix to get you in the spooky spirit this year. Check it out now... if you dare.
Community October 31, 2022
“Shock! Terror! Fear! Back with more grisly sounds from the Genghis Don lair. This time, more diabolical, more depraved, and with more blood-curdling screams! It’s 'Shrieks in the Night', and it’s the perfect backdrop for your Halloween season. Spooky tunes that span surf, soundtrack, folk, italo disco, spoken word, and yes ~ weirdo! An all-vinyl record mix with plenty of heartbeat to keep your foot tapping and your blood pumping. Pour a witches’ brew, turn up the volume, and lock the doors ~ this mix is sure to raise the dead!”
-Donnie Bauer, Creative Director

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