Paris Fashion Week | Emma Watson and Jake Gyllenhaal star in two iconic Prada ads post-produced by The Mill

Work March 7, 2023

Luna Rossa Ocean

The spirit of adventure and the spectacular vastness of the ocean are a magnetic call for new discoveries in Johan Renck’s film. Set under the sails of the Luna Rossa yacht, a masterpiece of cutting-edge technology, Gyllenhaal is at one with his vessel, going further than anyone – including himself – had ever imagined possible. Buoyed by the technological prowess of the Luna Rossa, Gyllenhaal pushes beyond his limits to open new horizons at full speed, embodying the modern adventurer that combine physical and intellectual strength to master technology and push the boundaries of the possible.

Our French artists provided epic visual effects to accompany the brand’s new muse and digitally recreated the ocean, the sky, the red moon, part of the boat and crafting the water projections on the camera lens… would you have guessed it?


Last year, Emma Watson stepped behind the camera to direct the Prada Paradox campaign. Both muse and director, Emma Watson came to The Mill studio in Paris to work live with our artists, producers and the Division production team. 


“Emma Watson came to our studio in Paris for a week, she was very involved, and we managed to find some interesting creative directions. It was great to have her inside the studio, she was a whole part of the production process.
Claire Garraud, Executive Producer
“For the launch of Prada beauty, we had the chance to work with a particular director and muse, Emma Watson, who had her own vision of what should and could be a paradox and wanted a team mostly led by women. We shot many different locations through Spain during 4 days, each one relating to a paradox’s aspect. Once back in Paris we worked closely together with Emma to magnify what was beautifully shot by Monika Lenczewska and built by Pirra. We worked on almost all the shots, replacing the screens and their reflections on the water, creating a graphical submarine environment, adding trees to surround the triangle platform which was sitting at 10m from the ground, creating an infinity stair in CGI... We worked with a small team, hand in hand, delivering the film in less than 3 weeks. Emma Watson was very committed to her role and we had some pleasing back and forth about the look she wanted to achieve. ”
Flore Mounier, VFX Supervisor

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