Paris Fashion Week | Looking back on The Mill’s work with Hermès

The Mill Paris has worked for many years with exceptional clients in the luxury sector. For Fashion Week, our studio decided to dig into its archives to share with you some iconic films crafted by our artists.
Work February 28, 2023

Hermes H24, A fragrance beyond the line

Fifteen years after the launch of its iconic “Terre d’Hermès” fragrance, the brand unveiled its new men’s fragrance H24 in 2021. For this highly anticipated launch Hermès called on director Jan Gleie (Birth LX), the Publicis Milan agency and our flame experts to take viewers on an immersive journey.

Hermès Sellier, It’s all about a dream

With an artistic direction as neat as ever, Hermès once again teams up with director Arnaud Uyttenhove, the Publicis agency, Caviar production and our Parisian studio for its brand film. The shots are set to minimalist music and we are transported to an enchanted world of pink lakes and northern lights.

Twilly by Hermès, the perfume for girls

In 2017, Hermès launched its women’s fragrance, Twilly, in reference to its iconic long scarf of the same name. In this film directed by Arnaud Uyttenhove in close collaboration with the Publicis agency, Caviar production and our Paris team, Hermès welcomes us to 24 rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré where its iconic boutique is located. As Twilly flags flutter in the wind, the pace quickens and models Cai Lee and Ellen de Weer release a cloud of rose petals. Poetic and romantic campaigns that have been sublimated by our artists.

“I have very good memories of the Hermès campaigns, both in terms of the aesthetics and the collaboration with the brand, the Publicis agency, the director Arnaud Uyttenhove and the Caviar production. I had the chance to work as Executive Producer on the "Sellier", "Twilly Eau poivrée" and "Twilly parfums des filles campaigns with the same team. The "Sellier" film was a special project because it didn't feature just one product but several iconic products of Hermès such as the Birkin bag, watches and of course their famous "carrés" (silk). It is a patchwork film both in terms of the narrative aspect and the different techniques used during post-production. Flore Mounier supervised with talent all the different vfx of this film: set extension, motion design, CG and beauty.

The Twilly projects were also very original and quite new in the way perfume films are represented. They are visual objects in their own right and could be compared to contemporary art works in terms of the use of music, camera effects and sets. On "Twilly le parfum des filles d'Hermès", which was a perfume launch, our biggest technical challenge, in addition to all the film's finalisation, was to recreate a whole part of the Hermès boutique and the Faubourg Saint Honoré street. Before the shoot, we collaborated a lot with the director and the head set designer Katia Wyszkop, who built the entrance door and part of the famous boutique, in order to enhance the realism of our shots/ It was a very beautiful artistic and human adventure which I hope will happen again!”
Claire Garraud, Executive Producer

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