Feeling festive in July | Crafting CG snowstorms & talking teddy bears

Work July 13, 2021
“The festive period is one of our favourite times of year for commercials, the wintery scenes with family coming together over elaborate meals, the sharing of gifts, stories and the joy they bring.

For us, the journey for these films often starts now, and with most of the work aimed at Northern Hemisphere markets we end up filming in our summer to be ready for when the festive period rolls around. So the challenge is often to make something shot at 30°C looking like -3°C, whether that be adding snow, seeing people's breath or removing leaves from trees. All of these little and not so little things add to the authentic sense of place that is so much associated with that festive time of year.

As always, our aim is to bring authenticity to the narrative, making sure these often heart-felt tales really land with audiences. We take great pride and care in being part of this yearly cultural event and love that our work has become, for so many, part of their festive ritual.”
Mike 'Chappers' Chapman, Executive Creative Director at The Mill

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Reel Edited by Tom Starr