Festive Spotlight | 2D Lead Adam Arnot discusses his favourite Christmas spots & what makes the festive season so special

Thought December 2, 2021

What marks the start of the holidays for you?

The moment the first advent calendars hit the shelves, I’m there. Life is all about anticipation right?


What ingredients make up the perfect holiday spot?

Heart-warming characters, a fun narrative that both Grandma & the kids will enjoy and the dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra. I don’t think the usual Christmas colours or winter location are always necessary but they can make a nice touch too!


What is your favourite Christmas spot and why?

I mean right now it’s definitely the new Amazon Prime spot ‘An Unlikely Friendship’. Watched it recently and absolutely loved it. Who knew hyenas could be so cute!


What is currently inspiring you?

I’m currently a bit obsessed with Dennis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’. The use of flat colour and vast open spaces… benissimo!

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Adam Arnot | 2D Lead