From CGI crowds to festival masses. Here’s how we’re taking live events to the Next Level

We all want to have extraordinary experiences. At The Mill, we are dedicated to taking those experiences to the Next Level through cutting edge technology and creative talent, providing brands a unique opportunity to give their audiences an experience they can share, and bond over.
Work August 19, 2021
“Events - virtual, augmented and physical - are the epicenter of our Experience offering. They provide an opportunity for brands to create lasting impressions and a new way for consumers to experience a brand and its products/services, with more of their senses.

Where the needs arise and the practicalities become complicated, The Mill also has an extensive history of working with CGI crowds. We dip in to help enhance the occasion and replicate what’s not plausible to capture in camera.”
Lydia Corin, Head of Brand Partnerships, North America

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