Fun fitness is ready with Meta Quest 2

Work June 16, 2022

We teamed up with Director Ian Schwartz of PrettyBird and Meta on a series of high energy films for Meta Quest 2. Our VFX team transported live action characters into exciting VR worlds, expertly visualizing the immersive and interactive nature of Meta Quest 2. Mill Colourist Dimitri Zola seamlessly matched the energy of the campaign with a dynamic colour grade.  

The campaign highlights a variety of fitness-centric games available to play with Meta Quest 2, such as Supernatural where players can work out atop a fiery volcano, and Creed which pits users against heavyweight champs.  

Mill Creative Director, Matt Fuller, comments: “In collaboration with Ian Schwartz at PrettyBird and the Meta agency, our VFX team were closely involved in the making of this fun, energetic story that transports three characters – working out in the mundane surroundings of their own homes – to tranquil, vibrant, intense or even blisteringly hot VR environments.  Our visual effects artists were a part of the execution of concept designing, live-action shooting, modelling, texturing, animation, FX, lighting, and compositing.”

Matt continues: “Having rehearsed and shot live action choreography for each character, the tracking and match moving needed to be spot on for each character. This was to ensure the movement in 3D space was accurate when adding game weapons to some characters, as well as interactivity of in-game objects or obstacles (or dodging punches from a CG Clubber Lang).” 

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